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Apple Pressing

Juiced | Bottled | Pasteurised

If you find yourself with a surplus of apples you can bring them to me to be juiced.  Once juiced, bottled and pasteurised, they will last for 18 months + thus making the most of your crop.  I can also press them into your own sterilised container for making cider or vinegar.

How many apples?

The minimum amount of apples I can press is around 25kgs. To give you an idea, a recycling box full is roughly 20kgs.  I don't have a maximum amount and can take on large contract presses subject to booking availability.  It varies according to apple type and each year is different, but a rough guide is that 1.5kgs will give you one bottle of 75cl juice.

Apple pressing service
Apple pressing service

What type of apples?

Eaters and cookers make great juices and I press both as single varieties.  The most popular blend would probably be 1/3 cookers to 2/3 eaters but some just love the crispness of a cooking apple juice and others the sweetness of a dessert apple.  Most cider apples don't make good juice on their own but you could include a few into a blend.  If you have a cooking apple tree and your neighbour or someone in your family has an eater why not put your apples in together for a well-rounded blend.

Apple pressing service
Apple pressing service

How to tell if your apples are ready?

1. Colour - many apples blush when they ripen.

2. Are they falling from the tree?  This can be an indicator that they are ready but falling doesn't necessarily mean ripe.  If your apples are falling from the tree before they are ripe you can pick them and store them so that they continue to ripen off of the tree.

3. Taste test - do they taste ready? When an apple is ready most of the starch will have turned to sugar so if you can still taste the starch it's not quite there yet. If you are not sure by tasting, you can take an iodine test to determine if starch is present

4. A great indicator is the pips.  White pips mean that they are not ripe.  When they turn brown they are probably ripe.

5. Starch-Apples are generally ripe when most of the starch has turned to sugar. You can test for this either by tasting or by doing an iodine test

Can I use bruised apples?

The general rule is that apples should look good enough to eat.  Small or large apples are fine and apples with scab on the skin are fine, but do not include bruised or mouldy apples as this will impair the flavour, as will muddy apples. 

How do I book?

Phone when you think your apples are starting to ripen and book a week or two ahead.  I can arrange with you a time and day to drop off to me in Winford and arrange collection.

Apple pressing service
Apple pressing service


I will contact you to let you know when your apples are ready and how many bottles there are.  Wine boxes from supermarkets or wine shops are ideal for storing juice in - please bring the right amount to put your juice into.

How much will it cost?

The price for 2022 was £1.80 per bottle and for cider 85p per litre.  Accepted payment methods are BACs, card or cash

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