Trying to do our bit

Running a sustainable business is really important to me, here are a few ways in which Druce's Juices is a sustainable business...

The orchards are not sprayed and no chemicals have been used in either of my orchards for at least 30 years.

I look at the whole eco-system of the orchard to ensure good health in the trees, land and surrounding wildlife e.g. keeping clumps of nettles to encourage insects, good spacing between trees, allowing some mistletoe to remain and I am currently looking at introducing bird and/or bat boxes to encourage biodiversity

Druces Juices Apple Juice Gallery (27).jpg
Image by Pascal Debrunner

The apple pomace goes to the grateful pigs on the farm next door.

I can take back bottles to be cleaned and re-used 

Labels are made out of cardboard which hugely minimises the amount of plastic backing from sticker labels as well as making it feasible to re-use bottles.  The labels themselves can also be re-used if they survive in good condition.

The bottle lids can be recycled.

All of the juice is sold locally at the Bath farmers market, Xero Waste shops in Clifton Village, Nailsea and Portishead and local farm shops (see suppliers page for full details) or delivered by me so minimal food miles are involved.

The bottled juice is stored in wooden apple crates that date back to pre 1971 (as they had a deposit of 1D on them!) - they have been patched and repaired but stood the test of time.

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