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70cl Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

  • This cider vinegar has been made with 100% pure apple juice which has been naturally fermented for 10-15 years to give it’s full flavour. The product has been left raw (i.e. contains the mother) to maximise the health benefits.

    There are many reported health benefits of consuming cider vinegar.  My favourite way to consume is a tablespoonful in a shot glass of juice.  You can also tailor your vinegar by adding herbs – either for the health benefits or flavour, e.g. nettles, wild garlic or rosemary.

    Other uses include as a household cleaner, a hair rinse or as a skin improver. 

    Please note that as this product is raw you may find that if it comes into contact with air for prolonged periods of time it will start to produce a jelly.  This is harmless and can be strained out.  To minimise, store in an airtight container.

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